Working Together

This project would never have got off the ground without the help and support of the following:

  • Forest and Land Scotland (formerly Forestry Commission Scotland)
  • Mull and Iona Community Trust
  • Aros Park Historic Walled Garden Steering Group
  • Mike Swift

As we move forward to the clearing and restoration stage, we are looking for help from:

  • Volunteers – to help with all aspects of the clearing and restoring
  • Landscapers – to help with their knowledge of how to clear the more stubborn weeds and stumps, and to help restore the garden
  • Plant operators and hirers – to clear the cut timber, redefine paths, and shift piles of rock
  • In the future we will need help from:
  • Volunteers – To keep the momentum going, and to stop the weeds from coming back
  • Joiners – to build a covered performance area, a greenhouse and some cold frames
  • Builders merchants – to supply the materials we need
  • Sponsors – to help with the funding of this very ambitious project